Chevereto 3.15.2 LTS Image Hosting Script

Download Chevereto 3.15.2 LTS Self-hosted image hosting PHP Script

Self-hosted image hosting software

Chevereto 3.15.2 LTS Image Hosting Script
Chevereto 3.15.2

Chevereto is an image hosting script that allows you to create a beautiful and full-featured image hosting website on your own server. It’s your hosting and your rules, so say goodbye to closures and restrictions.

Many features, easy configurable turnkey options. Nobody spying at your stuff. Your own image hosting, for real.

Chevereto v3.15.2Released on May 16th 2020

  • Fixed dependency bug with PHP 5.6
  • Fixed bug in login cookie
  • Fixed bug in /api [12155]
  • Fixed bug in document titles [12182]
  • Improved PUP support for XenForo 2.1 [12059]
  • Updated German, French, Korean and Dutch translations

Chevereto v3.15.1

Released on April 27th 2020

  • Added automatic mobile menu close for tone toggle
  • Added login required for theme tone toggle
  • Fixed bug in class.sftp.php [11093]
  • Fixed bug in image viewer [12102]
  • Fixed bug in theme tone dashboard setting [12099]
  • Improved display of tone toggle (hidden in homepage landing)
  • Updated Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Indonesian and Turkish

Chevereto v3.15.0

Released on April 16th 2020

  • Added automatic importing
  • Added configurable display of embed codes (all, none, users) [11957]
  • Added file picker workaround for webview (Wechat, QQ) [12033]
  • Added pup.js support for ProBoards [11927]
  • Added pup.js support for Quill editor (Vanilla Forums) [11932]
  • Added rebuild stats button
  • Added tone mode light/dark toggle
  • Fixed bug in “move to album”
  • Fixed bug in API remote URL uploads [12060]
  • Fixed bug in External Storage S3 API [11917]
  • Fixed bug in image Exif orientation [11846]
  • Fixed bug in social signup [12007]
  • Fixed bug in URL rewriting [11840]
  • Fixed login when updating prior to 3.14.0
  • Fixed missing “hostname” setting
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in image uploader [11899]
  • Improved image upload performance (parallel uploads)
  • Removed CloudFlare, Theme top bar color dashboard settings
  • Updated all vendor dependencies
  • Updated Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Spanish and Turkish translations

Chevereto v3.14.1

Released on January 6th 2020

  • Fixed bug in account signup process [11811]
  • Deprecated “CloudFlare” dashboard option (no longer needed)

Chevereto v3.14.0

Released on January 2nd 2020

  • Added support for WebP
  • Added support for APNG
  • Added HTTP only and secure cookie flags
  • Added auth token at /update (CSRF)
  • Added brute force protection for cookie based login attempts
  • Added restricted paths for Bulk content importer
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in site settings
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in user profile
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in WhatsApp share button
  • Fixed bug in anywhere uploader [11710]
  • Fixed bug in maintenance mode (disabled reCaptcha verify)
  • Fixed bug in missing language strings [11714]
  • Fixed bug in missing translate string [11757]
  • Fixed bug in not working SEO URLs for images [11784]
  • Fixed bug in not working “Upload to album” button [11774]
  • Fixed bug in image viewer [11775]
  • Deprecated use of HTTP_* headers for client IP resolution (must use mod_remoteip, ngx_http_realip_module)
  • Deprecated $_SESSION based login
  • Removed public access for Bulk importer job results
  • Improved login system (device based)
  • Updated dependencies (composer)
  • Updated Chinese Simplified, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish translations

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